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Dr. Rixon O. Campbell, Sr., CHT, DBA, MSc., GCHM

Dr. Rixon O. Campbell is a seasoned expert in leadership and organizational development, boasting over two decades of invaluable experience in corporate America, particularly within the hospitality and tourism sector, as well as higher education. Throughout his career, Rixon has held various executive roles and currently serves as the President and CEO of RixonOCGroup Consulting & Communications (ROCG), LLC in the USA. He also leads RixonOCGroup, Ghana, Limited, offering strategic guidance and vision to the team.

At ROCG, Rixon spearheads leadership development initiatives across diverse sectors, coaches effective team building, provides organizational management advice, delivers customer service management training, and facilitates international student recruitment for higher education institutions.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Rixon is deeply committed to community development through philanthropy. He proudly serves as the President of the Shakers and Movers Educational (SAME) Foundation in the USA and Ghana, an NGO dedicated to serving underserved communities.

Driven by his passion for social justice, Rixon advocates for global citizenship and believes in the collective power of communities to effect positive change. He champions diversity and inclusion as crucial components for societal progress, asserting that embracing these values enables communities to harness the strengths that attract individuals to noble causes, thereby fostering greater well-being for all.

Rixon’s academic achievements are equally impressive, holding a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management, a Master of Science in Organizational Management, a Doctor of Business Administration, and a Post-Doctoral Graduate Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Administration from Florida International University. Additionally, he is a certified hospitality trainer (CHT), further solidifying his expertise in the field.


INUA’s mission is elevating the Black and Brown communities through our online digital magazine, focusing on leadership, tourism, and global culture.


What is the difference between culture and tradition?

Culture and tradition are related concepts that are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings and implications.


Culture refers to the set of shared beliefs, values, customs, practices, language, arts, and social behaviors that characterize a particular group of people or society. It encompasses all aspects of human life and influences how individuals perceive and interact with the world around them. Culture is dynamic and can evolve over time due to historical, social, economic, and technological changes.

Key points about culture:

  • It is broader and more comprehensive than tradition.
  • Culture includes various elements like language, religion, music, art, literature, cuisine, clothing, rituals, social norms, and more.
  • Cultures can be regional, national, or even global, encompassing diverse groups of people.
  • It shapes the identity and worldview of a society and provides a framework for social cohesion.


Collaborative Leadership: Dr. Deanne Williams- Bryant– Educator & Hospitality and Tourism Leadership Expert.

Collaborative Leadership is a style of leadership in which the leader works with team members to achieve shared goals. Collaborative team leadership is a management practice that aims. To bring managers, executives, and staff out of silos to work together. In collaborative workplaces, information is shared organically, and everyone takes responsibility for the whole. It sits in contrast. Traditional top-down organizational models where a small group of executives control the flow of information.


In a remarkable surge, Cambodia welcomed a staggering 5.43 million international tourists in 2023, marking a monumental 139.5% increase from the previous year’s 2.27 million, as the Ministry of Tourism reported on Friday.

Leading the pack of foreign arrivals to the Kingdom were visitors from Thailand, with 1.82 million, followed closely by Vietnam (1.01 million), China (547,789), Laos (372,285), and the United States (184,780).

Joseph Colina, General Manager of Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor in Siem Reap, expressed optimism for Cambodia’s tourism prospects, anticipating a boost from increased flights with the new airport in Phnom Penh to open in 2025. Colina emphasized Cambodia’s vast tourism potential, suggesting that enhanced accessibility would position the country as a formidable competitor among Southeast Asian destinations.



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